Soft Ramie Flannel

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100% Ramie Flannel. These silky oh-so-soft flannels are the ideal partner for our Facial Cleansing Oil.

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Ramie Washcloth

100% Ramie Washcloth with silky soft and durable natural fibres. Ramie fibres hold more water and heat than conventional cotton washcloths, making them the ideal partner for oil cleansing. They are also bacteria resistant, stain resistant, and actually increase in strength when wet.

What is Ramie?

Ramie is a perennial plant also known as Chinese nettle, that produces lustrous fibres much like silk. It is extremely absorbant, very strong and does not shrink. It has been used since pre-historic times as a fibre and has been cultivated for over 5000 years. Ramie is one of the commonest fibres in Japanese textiles but is rarely found in Europe.
We love the Ramie washcloths, they are perfect for oil cleansing and wash brilliantly too.


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