Rosemary Bath Bomb

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To ease muscle tension and clear the mind.

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Rosemary Bath Bomb

This Rosemary Bath Bomb dissolves into a warm bath to release a refreshing and invigorating scent. Bath bombs are a quick and easy way to experience the benefit of aromatherapy. We infuse this one with Rosemary essential oil, this is a beautiful crisp aroma that will relax your muscles and invigorate your mind.

The Essential Oils

Rosemary– With a fresh and earthy camphor fragrance, Rosemary oil is stimulating and has been proven to clear the mind allowing clearer thoughts and improved memory. It also works to improve the circulation, relieve muscle tension and aches and pains. This makes it the ideal oil to use after a long, busy day that has been tiring for both mind and body.

Weight approx. 110g

Available in a heart shaped bomb decorated with dried Lavender or a round bomb with no added dried Lavender.


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