Lavender Bath Bomb

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For deep and peaceful relaxation

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Lavender Bath Bomb

This Lavender Bath Bomb dissolves into a warm bath to release a soothing floral scent. Bath bombs are a quick and easy way to experience the benefit of aromatherapy. We infuse this one with pure Lavender essential oil, this is a soft, floral aroma that will leave you feeling peaceful and ready for a good nights sleep.

The Essential Oils

Lavender – An incredible essential oil with many varied uses. Lavender can help to boost circulation and has been shown to lower blood pressure. It calms the nerves, helps to relieve headaches and helps with anxiety issues and nervous tension. Lavender is a natural anti-septic, anti-fungal and anti-microbial so is fantastic for cleansing and protecting skin, particularly skin prone to breakouts and acne. This oil is perhaps more commonly known as the one that helps you sleep. This claim is supported by a wealth of research that shows inhaling lavender before bedtime leads to a longer and more peaceful nights sleep.

Weight approx. 110g

Available in a heart shaped bomb decorated with dried Lavender or a round bomb with no added dried Lavender.


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