About Us

The Naked Skincare Company is a family run business based in Northwest England with a passion for natural skincare and green beauty. We believe that good skin care can be simple and natural. We do skincare stripped bare.

With a background in healthcare based research science, I have always had a passion for knowledge, and finding realistic solutions that help people in everyday life. For me, research papers and statistics are wonderful, and even more so when the findings provide applicable and beneficial results.

After the birth of my first child, I opted for a career break and chose to spend time raising my family. Shortly after my second son was born, he began having breakouts of eczema which ended up so severe that it covered his body and face with cracked and bleeding skin. Being desperate to help him, I searched for information and my research tendencies were well and truly brought back to life. I began to discover more about our largest organ; our skin. I learnt that our diet and lifestyle played a much bigger role on the effectiveness and appearance of our skin that I had first thought. To put hours of reading very briefly- I adjusted our diets and switched to a more natural lifestyle.

(NB: I also worked with our doctors to help my sons Eczema, as it is a complex skin condition. Always consult your GP regarding any skin conditions.)

My research into a natural lifestyle and natural skincare had inspired me. I loved the fact (and still do) that the oil from a coconut can cleanse your skin, moisturise it, help to protect it and help your skin cells renew. All of those benefits from a simple oil. I was uplifted by the use of essential oils and by the fact that a simple plant oil can work to help both the skin and the mind. It was in a state of inspiration and creativity, surrounded by books and papers, that I started to create my own blends of skincare. The family loved it and friends loved it and The Naked Skincare Company began from there.

Today, The Naked Skincare Company products are handcrafted in small batches in our workshop. We work to very strict and rigorous manufacturing processes, treating our natural ingredients in a gentle way to preserve their unique properties. All products have been tested in an independent laboratory by a suitably qualified toxicologist and are manufactured in line with current EU regulations.



We carefully select powerful and effective natural ingredients to create a range of multi-functional, eco-friendly and luxurious skincare. You will not find any parabens, petrochemicals, SLS/SLES, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colours or any other artificial ‘chemicals’ in any of our products. We are careful about where we source our ingredients too and only use sustainable ingredients from ethical suppliers.

You can be confident that our products are cruelty free. We ensure the ingredients we source have not been tested on animals and that our suppliers have rigorous cruelty free standards too.

Our products are natural and eco-friendly, and so is our working practice and packaging. We keep packaging to a minimum and don’t individually box our products. But we do send your orders together in one beautifully presented 100% recycled box. Our packaging is all recycled or recyclable. We believe that natural skincare is great for your skin and the environment.

We love natural skincare and we love our customers too. Our customers are conscious consumers and like to make informed choices about their purchases. We love this, and are always more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to email stephanie@thenakedskincarecompany.uk. Or come and join the greenbeauty chat. We are on Facebook and Twitter and our Blog, writing about natural beauty and all that it involves.

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