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Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang Essential Oil

I remember Ylang essential oil as one of the first aromatherapy oils I came across as a child. At the time I knew the familiar scent of Lavender oil, and the calming familiar scent of Clary Sage in the oil burner, but Ylang oil was new and came with an unpronouncable fancy name. Straight away I fell in love with its distinctive and powerful aroma as it really was a scent unlike any I had experienced before. Ylang essential oil is still one of my favourite oils to use, and I’ve learnt how to pronounce its name too (ee-lang if you were wondering). I like to use small amounts of Ylang essential oil in simple scent blends. You see, too much Ylang can be overpowering, but I find that when blended with too many other oils you can lose that sense of pure Ylang that is so amazing. For me, the blend has to be kept simple for it to be just right.

Ylang essential oil has a very strong, exotic floral scent that is often described as sweet, sensual and slightly fruity. It is distilled from the flowers of the Cananga Odorata tree which can be found in the rain forests of certain Asian and South Pacific Islands like Indonesia, Philipines, Sumatra, Java, Comoro and Polynesia. Due to its incredible fragrance, Ylang oil is commonly used in the perfume and cosmetics industry. It is widely used in the Aromatherapy world too, not jut for its scent but for its range of therapeutic properties.

What can it do for my skin?

Ylang essential oil is great at helping to balance the skins natural oil production. It works well for all skin types, both dry and oily, by helping to settle and regulate the production of our skins sebum. This makes Ylang Oil a great addition to moisturisers and bath products.

What can it do for my mood?

Ylang is a calming, peaceful and grounding aromatherapy oil that can provide real relief from stress and anxiety. It can relax and ease tension and uplift the mood. Ylang is perhaps most well known though for its aphrodisiac properties, as its sensual aroma is said to really raise the libido and boost the sex drive.

How We Use Ylang Essential Oil

We use Ylang oil in a few of our products as we love to make effective skincare with aromatherapeutic properties. Skincare and moodcare in one easy go!

One of our most popular scent blends featuring Ylang is used in our Ylang, Patchouli and Orange Beeswax Candle, Ylang, Patchouli & Orange Natural Clay Soap and Ylang, Patchouli & Orange Bath Bomb. We love to blend it with Orange Essential Oil, which gives a sharp zest to complement and cut through the sweet scent of Ylang, and we add a dash of rich, earthy and grounding Patchouli essential oil to really anchor the blend and add a subtle richness.

For a great unisex, hardworking and multifunctional Body Oil we blend moisturising plant oils with a dash of Ylang and a splash of Sandalwood Essential Oil. This is a great way to experience the relaxing and aphrodisiac properties of Ylang as the Body Oil can be used as a moisturiser, bath oil or a massage oil. Find the Relax Body Oil here.

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