Orange Essential Oil

Think of how hundreds of freshly squeezed oranges would smell and you are close to how vibrant Orange Essential Oil smells. Cold pressed from the peel of oranges, it is sweet, zesty and juicy and one of the most delicious essential oils there is.

Orange oil is used frequently in aromatherapy because it is both uplifting and calming. It brightens the mood and creates a happy, relaxed feeling. Research has shown that it helps to reduce pulse rate and hypertension, which is great for reducing anxiety and calming.


What does Orange Essential Oil do for my skin

Boost circulation and blood flow

Better circulation to your skin means healthier cells and healthier skin.

Promotes production of collagen

Collagen gives the skin its strength and structure and also plays a role in the replacement of dead skin cells. Collagen production decline with age, so increasing its production helps keep our skin fresh and toned.

Soothes dry skin

Orange oil is gentle on skin and great for helping dry skin.

Great for acne prone skin

Its antibacterial properties make it ideal for acne prone skin

Smoothes skin

Packed with vitamin c to help smooth and tighten skin.



Orange oil is one of our favourite essential oils, it is so fresh and clean and is great for our skin. We use it in our Hydrate Skin Balm and it plays the main role in our Boost Body Oil

photo credit: Semana 5 – Frutas / Fruits via photopin (license)

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