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New products now in store

We’ve been working hard over the past few months on two new product lines and it is so exciting to see them finished and listed in our online shop.

The first product line to be finished was the 100% Beeswax candles. Candles make a fabulous relaxing addition to the home, particularly when scented with pure essential oils and we think they perfectly accompany a beauty and skincare routine. We chose to work with a pure beeswax for so many reasons, it really was the must use wax for our candles. Beeswax has a really long burn time, plus a very clean burn that actually helps to neutralise the surrounding air. We love the natural sweet honey-like aroma that beeswax gives off as it burns and we have carefully chosen essential oils that complement this. Perhaps the biggest reason for choosing beeswax is that it comes from a renewable natural source, and by using it we are helping to support the bee keeping industry.

Our second new product line are the natural soaps and we absolutely love them. We have 6 different varieties available and after a week of them being on sale, they have already proved to be very popular. We have chosen a blend of oils that give a good hard, long lasting bar of soap with thick dense bubbles and blended them with clays and essential oils for a deep cleansing natural soap. The soaps are all hand sliced and stamped before curing for 6 weeks so you get a hard bar of mild soap. We’ve described the qualities of each variety of soap on the website but if you would like to know more about which soap would suit your skin type, then just get in touch, I’d be more than happy to help.

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