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Mens Facial Oil

Brand New Mens Facial Oil

We’ve been working on a new line of Facial Moisturising Oils recently and they are almost ready for release. I think my favourite part of naked skincare has to be developing new products, but for some reason, this one in particular has stood out.

When I started making these products almost two years ago now, I had to start with a smaller range knowing that I would add to it as the business grew. I strongly believe that good natural skincare doesn’t need to be complicated- a good oil cleanser, a lightweight moisturising gel and a facial moisturising oil are the basics needed for an awesome complexion. So a small range suited and has been very popular.

The range has been popular with men and women alike which is AMAZING and just what me and my husband intended. Now we have male customers who are looking for a facial and beard oil (because they do the same job) and are wanting a more masculine scent.

So I have mixed and blended and tested. And handed out testers to lots of men who have very kindly given great feedback. The consensus was that a subtle fresh scent with woody undertones was going to work the best. Nothing that would clash with a scent worn, but enough that you feel like you can start your day feeling groomed and ready.

The bottles of our brand new Refine Mens Facial Oil are sat in the workshop ready to have their labels applied and photographs taken and added to our website. The very first bottles are going to Hest Bank Barber Shop, near Lancaster, for their launch party this Wednesday. This is a fantastic new barber shop and we are very proud to be working with them. I will update with more details from the Barber Shop launch party later in the week.

I also think we should do a giveaway to celebrate the new Facial Oil, what do you think?

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