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Inside The Naked Skincare Company

The past few months have been spent in makeover mode with lots of design ideas and colour palettes. We know what products and formulas work, but wanted to give them the look that they deserved so have worked on transforming our packaging and website. It’s been fun, although challenging at times, and definitely made easier by having a fabulous team.

Last week saw the launch of our new streamlined website, complete with loyalty points for customers, which we love and is working well for customers. We also had a photoshoot in the workshop to work on product photography  ready for our new postcards being printed. It’s been great to see the new images, on the new website as it feels like our makeover is now complete and we’re raring to show it off.




Big thanks go to Mark and Heather at Urban Attic, Matt at Primmitive Media and Adele at Moonloft. You have done a fantastic job and it’s been great to work with you.

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