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How to use an Oil Cleanser

Oil Cleansing is definitely one of our favourite things here at The Naked Skincare Company because it works for so many skin types and can really transform your skin. Oil cleansing involves cleansing your face with pure oil, that’s right, oil! The oil works to dissolve the dirt of the day and draw out impurities from the pores, leaving skin soft and clean and really hydrated. When you remove the oil with a soft cloth you also exfoliate the skin too, making Oil Cleansing a really useful part of a skincare routine.

Now, you can’t just use any oil on your skin and hope for the best. The best oils to use are obviously plant oils, but also ones with a small molecular composition that won’t block your pores and cause breakouts. Our Facial Cleansing Oil is made with a blend of pure plant oils that have been chosen for their texture, skin kindness, cleansing and hydrating properties. (There is so much to write about this so I will save it for another blog post)

Now because Oil Cleansing sounds so different, it has to be awkward or different to use right? The fact is that Oil Cleansing isn’t messy at all, but is actually really fast and easy to use. Want to see how? The video below will show you how to use it and just how easy it is too.

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