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Do you need to think about skincare and working out?

Skincare and Working out?

We’re ten days into January and for a lot of us, ten days into our new fitness and workout routines. We’re also ten days into trying to wedge our new found exercise commitments into our routines, and find how and where they fit and whether or not they will stay there. See the 30-60 minutes of actual exercising out of a day of 1,440 minutes is relatively easy. The more challenging part is shifting our day around to make it fit, and shifting our mind-set to include all the things we need to do to make it routine.

Thinking about our skincare during a workout is probably right at the bottom of our January exercise to do list, but it is an important one. Ignoring it can lead to blocked pores and breakouts, particularly on our face, shoulders and back. Adding workouts and exercising is great for helping us to feel healthy and energised, but it can be demoralising if we have a spot breakout which makes us feel not so great. And the makeup thing? If we’re squeezing in a lunch time workout what’s best to do?

The bottom line is that during exercise our blood vessels dilate and more blood is sent to the surface of our skin meaning our pores open up. And we sweat. That sweat mixes with our skins natural oils and anything else on our skins surface, and can go into our open pores. If we leave it there, it will block our pores and will lead to breakouts.

The best option is to thoroughly cleanse before starting a workout and start with clean skin. Foundation and powder make up is a big no-no during exercise and can lead to acne cosmetica, which are red bumps on the skin. The makeup, and any dirt and dust and traffic fumes from the day needs to come off. Choose something fast and easy that takes off all make up traces, like the Facial Cleansing Oil and work it into your exercise routine. A fast cleanse straight after getting into workout gear works well and doesn’t add as much time as you would think.

If you’ve had a good facial cleanse pre-workout all you will need after for your face is a good wash with plain and simple warm water to remove any sweat. Our bodies sweat too though and if you want to avoid breakouts on your body (the back and shoulders can be a breakout hot spot) schedule in a post workout shower with a good cleanser. We love the Charcoal & Tea Tree Clay Soap for post-workout showers because it gently exfoliates, gives a really good deep cleanse and is naturally anti-bacterial. When you’ve worked up a sweat in tight workout gear and trainers, an anti-bacterial wash is a very good thing!

So thinking about your skincare during exercise is another thing to add to the list, but it is an important one that will make a difference to how you feel in a few weeks or months time. And does it take that much longer? A facial cleanse pre-workout and a post workout shower will probably add around 15 mins to your workout time. It’s not a lot, it’s just a case of shifting things around to fit.

Enjoy your January (and February, March, April…) workouts!

I’d love to hear what new exercise and workouts you’ve been inspired to try this year- leave a comment and share your new fitness routine.

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