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Candle Making in The Workshop

All of our Beeswax candles are made from scratch in our workshop, right down to the threading and cutting of the wicks.

We start with a braided raw cotton wick and thread it through a retainer. These hold the wick in place but also act as a safety guard and prevents the last few millimetres of the wax and wick burning out. This is such calming and methodical work, and is usually done by me and Dave over a cup of tea and a chat.


candle tabs and raw cotton wick


The threaded wicks are then held in place in the Aluminium tins. As the wicks are raw cotton, they don’t hold themselves up like a pre- waxed one does. We needed to make sure that our candles were only made with 100% pure natural beeswax, often the pre-waxed wick is waxed with a paraffin based wax, so we chose an unwaxed raw wick. They are held taught and central in the tine with the blue wick pins.


aluminium candle tins with wick pins


This is all done while the Beeswax is slowly melting. Beeswax needs a gentle slow melt, and gives off a wonderful sweet aroma of Beeswax, nectar and honey throughout the workshop. When the wax is at the correct temperature, we add the blend of essential oils and stir thoroughly to ensure the scent binds with the wax. This batch is Cinnamon & Orange and smells seriously divine. It is sweet, it is spicy and woody, and the smell of the hot wax and essential oils together is warming and perfect.


essential oil in beaker


Beeswax has to be poured at just the right temperature for the best finish on the candle and for the best scent throw when it is lit. So once the essential oils have been blended into the wax we need to wait patiently. Then we slowly pour the wax into the containers and leave them to set and cure overnight.


beeswax candles


Once the candles have fully hardened, we remove the wick pins and trim the wicks to around 5mm ready for their first lighting. The lids and labels are the next to be added, before the candles are ready to be dispatched. We don’t use extra boxes to package our candles, the tins package and protect the candles nicely. This way there is less waste and you can recycle and reuse the tins when you have finished.


beeswax candles


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